How To … Tell the Difference Between Low G and High G on an Ukulele

Ukulele – Low G vs. High G and Wound vs. Unwound Low G.

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Ukuleles have four strings, tuned G, C, E, and A. Most traditional ukuleles are tuned with a high G (reentrant tuning), using a G that is above middle C. Continue reading “How To … Tell the Difference Between Low G and High G on an Ukulele”

How To … Tune Your Ukulele

Learn how to tune your ukulele using an electronic tuner or by ear using reference notes.

The notes of each string on your ukulele go – G, C, E, A – in order from the string closest to you to the string furthest away from you when you hold it.

You can use an electronic ukulele tuner to tune each string to the correct note.

Or tune each string by ear using reference notes from other instruments, or from online reference notes.

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How to … Read Ukulele Remix Twitter Posts

Learn how to read the Ukulele Remix Twitter Posts (@ukuleleremix) so you can play Hip Hop songs on the Ukulele.

Songs are posted on the Ukulele Remix Twitter account in the following way:

“Song Title” by @Artist Ukulele Chords: Chord(Numbers for what fret to hold on each string in G,C,E,A order). Strum: Where ↓ = Down, ↑ = Up, and X = Chunk.

If the strumming pattern isn’t the same for each chord, sometimes the strum is shown after each chord.

Be sure to listen to the original song to figure out how the strumming pattern syncs up with the rhythm of the song.

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